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Design & branding

We build brands that won’t be ignored 

A brand is not just about a beautiful logo, a brand represents the vision of the person who created it and at the same time we look at it as another person with its own character. A good brand tells a compelling story that draws the audience into the action, falls in love with her and becomes her relentless fan.


We help people connect with your brand through the power of attraction at first sight. When we start working on a new project, we don't stop until we understand the nature and vision of the company completely through. Thanks to this, we can design practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions at the same time.


From the initial concept of logo design to the result, our team works hard to effectively materialize the vision of our clients.


What exactly can we do for you?

Graphic Design

• logo design

• overall branding - defining color palette, font, style, etc.

• tailor-made manual logo

• printing materials - business cards, leaflets, folders, banners, etc.

• contributions to social networks and newsletters

• creation of a tailor-made website and e-shop

• AR filters for Facebook and Instagram

Strategy - marketing


• creating your brand identity - business plan

• creating a social networking strategy - How to attract potential clients and sell them your product?

• the possibility of promoting the brand with the help of well-known faces of social networks - influencers

Design a identita značkek
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