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About project

The visual identity concept for Karin Beňková brand identity communication. The goal was to create successful visual elements, that evoke class, elegance, femininity in a very strict and predominately masculine environment such as law and legislation. 


Our client is a leader in her industry and professional figure that doesn't want to settle in the standard definition of law visual representation. In this visual communication, it was essential to interpreting in our brand strong female leadership.


For the logo design, we used serif typography that creates the round shape that reflects stamp motive, that is very common in legislation. We also created the alternative version of the logo, that uses the same typography, but creates the more simplistic composition.

storiesArtboard 3 copy@2x-100.jpg


storiesArtboard 3@2x-100.jpg
storiesArtboard 3 copy 9@2x-100.jpg
storiesArtboard 3 copy 3@2x-100.jpg
storiesArtboard 3 copy 2@2x-100.jpg


The key element of this brand solution is the colour palette - such as turquoise and beige, very balanced and sophisticated colours, that helps to elevate the femininity and class in this particular field.

storiesArtboard 3 copy 6@2x-100.jpg
storiesArtboard 3 copy 4@2x-100.jpg
storiesAsset 3@1.5x-100.jpg
storiesArtboard 3 copy 8@2x-100.jpg
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