Replacement Number Plates

The production and printing of replacement number plater for your car is our oldest company craftsmanship  Our classic plates are exceptional mainly because they consist of one piece, which will make your work easier.

Choose from a wide range of offers in different price categories.

potisk podložek_edited.jpg

Classic plate

A typical one-piece plate with a print.

Printing in 3 colors, each additional color for extra charge.

Min. order of 50 pieces for 26.50 CZK.

Discount when ordering more pieces.

podložka pod registrační značku.jpg

premium plate

Plate with snap-on bar with direct full-color printing, encapsulated with a layer of resin.

+ the plate is more resistant to scratches and other influences

Min. order is 100 pcs.

3D podložky.jpg

3D plate

Plate with a hybrid bar featuring a typical one-piece plate.

+ 3D raised graphics

Min. order is 200 pcs.

podložka parcialni lak.jpg

parcial print plate

Plate with snap-on bar.

+ possibility to cover certain places with partial varnish

+ full color printing

Min. order is 200 pcs.