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Branding: premium lifestyle beer aurosa

We stood at the birth of a new luxury Czech brand of beer Aurosa, which, thanks to its unconventional appearance, got into the media around the world. For this brand we have created a product design that is inspired by marble and the bottle itself can be used after drinking as a vase or interior decoration. We also take care of the visual aspect of social networks, websites and e-shop. Our latest achievement was the production of fashion clothes with a photo of beer.


Branding: Karin Beňková

The visual identity concept for Karin Beňková brand identity communication. The goal was to create successful visual elements, that evoke class, elegance, femininity in a very strict and predominately masculine environment such as law and legislation. 

Kozlovice brewery

The Kozlovice brewery can be found in the original farm buildings of the old bailiff's office, the main building has been dated to the year 1822 . It has its special status, charm and specifics among small breweries. The basic features of the interior include the preservation of the original brick vaulted ceilings together with elements of stone and wood.

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Hot dog prague sign.jpg

Branding: Hot Dog Prague

In this project, we won not only with the logo itself, but also with colors - we deliberately chose orange to be clearly visible from a distance. We prepared fast food menus, interior boards and outdoor signs. As part of the branding, we devised two catchy slogans that we used for T-shirts and aprons.

Design: Logos and business cards

After one personal meeting, we can very well estimate your personal style, which is important to be reflected in your logo and business card. After many years of experience of our graphic designers and creative director in this field, we are able to design a logo and a business card that represents not only your personality.

Business card Kuba Ferance white.jpg

Print: collection of clothes

We are honored to cooperate for more than 5 years with the American and Italian Western Sports Association, for which we create a sports and functional clothing collection with race sponsor logos every year. Thanks to the high quality machines and colors we use for textiles, clothing is wearable for several years.

Embroidery: baseball caps

Thanks to high quality embroidery, which we are able to do in 3D format and the best quality caps from Yupoong and Atlantis, our company has not only liked the film producers.


Design: wedding

We are also happy to create a whole wedding portfolio tailor-made for the bride and groom. Thanks to handmade screen printing, which is one of our main machines at the company, we can conjure up playful and unprecedented invitations.

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