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About us

We build brands that won’t be ignored

 We believe that the best brands tell stories, and that is why we work with our clients to create products with an impact. Products, that will not only be the representation of their enterprise, but also products that will speak to the people, impress them, awake an emotion. By using strategy, design, content and technologies, we bring brands to life. 

We’ve been building our leading position in the advertisement business since 2010, when the company was founded by Ing. Pavel Šmíra.

In 2019, the business was taken over by his daughter Mgr. Martina Šmírová, MBA, who assumed the position of Executive Director, but most importantly became Creative Director of the whole company. 


Martina draws from her 10-year-long experience of living and working abroad, bringing with her after returning to Ostrava a fresh and novel perspective on brand marketing. 


Martina completed her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Fashion Communication at the Europe di Design Institute in Milano under the patronage of Westminster University in London. There she not only became immersed in graphic design programs, but also for the first time came across a completely different approach to marketing and brand building.


Later on also in Milano, Martina decided to complete her master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management at the Domus Academy, which gave her a complex outlook on the process of company building. Martina wrapped up her studies by completing a prestigious MBA degree at CEMI.


At the age of 24, Martina founded the luxury lifestyle brand Aurosa producing premium Czech beer for high-end clientele, gaining instant worldwide popularity. She took upon her new leading position in Eu-Print with great vigor and under her guidance the company now establishes new collaborations while also strengthens existing ones.


We guarantee the quality of our services and offer long-standing warranty, professional experience and know-how within this field.

Mgr. Martina Rozenberg Šmíra, MBA

Mirek cafourek

Kateřina Juněcová

Creative Director

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