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We build brands that won’t be ignored 

Over the past years, we have begun to focus fully on the production of clothing collections or merchandise. We have invested not only time and energy, but also money to improve our technologies and we are happy to offer you the best prints that will last a lot.


Browse our complete clothing catalog:

Do not hesitate to contact us for the exact price. The price varies according to the number of pieces delivered.

Types of prints and embroidery

Screen printing

Transfer printing

Digital print

Poli Flock print

Field Flex print



3D embroidery




Hot-fix Sequins


Labels and tags

In order for your collection to be perfect down to the last detail, we will be happy to produce custom-made woven labels for you. Thanks to the special collections of our suppliers, the selected clothing is made without a label, which creates a place for your own brand. Like this the merch will be 100% yours!

Printing technology

Labels and tags

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